Early Panels: The Three Coolest Comics Coming Out 5/1/13

A grim view of a world full of supervillains, a hitman spending five minutes at a time with the woman he loves, and superheroes repping the 99% are three books we can’t wait to read this week.

Ten Grand #1The concept may seem a wee bit shopworn at first: A mob enforcer, killed with the love of his life, gets a license to kill for God, and kicks demon ass. But what’s attention-getting about it is the concept; our hero doesn’t get to go to Heaven when he kills a set number of demons, but rather whenever he dies fighting the forces of hell, he gets to spend five minutes with the woman he loves.

It’s an interesting concept from J. Michael Straczynski, and if nothing else, it’s got Ben Templesmith’s art behind it.






The Movement #1Let’s see here: A bunch of pissed-off, rebellious superhumans standing up for the little guy in direct opposition to the various Justice Leagues? Yeah, that has the potential to be interesting. It’s especially interesting with Gail Simone, who does well with team books, handling the script. True, this might seem a bit late to the party, but if the book is fun, that’s really all we ask.








Suicide Risk #1Essentially the story of a beat cop in a world where all superheroes become bad guys eventually, who decides to avenge his partner by getting superpowers and hunting down those responsible. It’s an odd mix of Dial H and Marshal Law, but Mike Carey knows his way around original stories, to say the least, and we’re curious to see what he can do in a world populated mostly by bad guys.

What’s your most anticipated comic this week? Let us know in the comments!