Early Panels: Three Comics To Look Forward To Tomorrow

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11.20.12 6 Comments

So, what should you stock up on to read while your crazy family members scream at each other over the election? Here are a few recommendations.

Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #1

The miniseries from Grace Randolph becomes an ongoing. It’s often described as Desperate Housewives but with superheroes, but that doesn’t really do the book justice, not least because it’s not “primetime-tv” soapy, but rather “’70s Marvel” soapy. The original mini was highly entertaining, so it’ll be fun to see what Randolph does next.








Judge Dredd #1

IDW’s plan to bring 2000AD work to American shores more consistently has already started, but this, of course, is the crown jewel of the book. Written by Duane Swierczynski and drawn by Nelson Daniel, it’ll be interesting to see how this book comes together, and how this team puts their own spin on it.









52 Omnibus

Because, let’s face it, with some families, you need about a thousand pages worth of comics to get through the weekend, and this is about as great as DC has gotten in recent years. A great writing staff thrown at characters they can mess with at will, and the results are fantastic.

Also, apparently comics shops are getting this before sites like Amazon, if Diamond is to be believed. So you might want to call ahead and confirm.

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