Early Panels: Three Comics To Look Forward To Tomorrow

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11.27.12 8 Comments

What comics are coming worth picking up tomorrow? Here are three we can’t wait to read.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #1
Yeah, yeah, cartoon ponies, we get it, we get it. But this is a book worth picking up because of the woman behind it. Katie Cook has been working in comics for years, largely doing pin-ups and trading cards. If anybody deserves a shot at the limelight, it’s her. Similarly, Andy Price’s artwork looks faithful to the show, but with his own spin.

Secondly, this book outsells your favorite book: The preorders alone have moved 90,000 copies. In other words, IDW can keep doing series like Smoke and Mirrors thanks to cartoon horses. Hey, a mouse keeps Marvel in business!







R.I.P.D.: City Of The Damned #1
It’s a comic book about undead cowboys hunting down demons in the Wild West written by the screenwriter of Demolition Man. If that doesn’t sell itself to you, you are not a nerd, and possibly dead inside.









Nowhere Men #1

Lately Image has been doing quite a few books about scientists and their experiments going seriously wrong, which we’re guessing is the editorial department going through Fringe withdrawal. Nonetheless, it’s resulted in books like Think Tank and Manhattan Projects, so it’ll be interesting to see what spin Eric Stephenson and Nate Bellegarde can put on an Image subgenre.

As usual, here’s the full list. Let us know what the single book you’re most looking forward to tomorrow is, and let’s talk some comics.

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