Early Panels: Three Comics We're Looking Forward To Tomorrow

There’s some pretty interesting stuff hitting the stands tomorrow, and we kick it off with the last comic we’d expect to be interested in from the last publisher we’d expect to put it out.

Mylo Xyloto #1

No, we’re not fans of Coldplay or pretentious rock operas.

But we are fans of Bongo Comics. Bongo, for those unfamiliar, is essentially Matt Groening’s vanity publishing label. Being worth insane amounts of money means Groening doesn’t have to print anything he doesn’t want to, and Bongo has essentially been putting out Simpsons and Futurama comics, as well as Spongebob Squarepants, although it does occasionally put out other material Groening is interested in, like Sergio Aragones’ work.

So, the fact that he’s voluntarily publishing this means either Groening is the biggest Coldplay fan ever, or there’s some sort of virtue to this book. Either way, our interest is piqued. If the book’s good enough for the creator of The Simpsons to think it belongs on the stands, then we want to see why he believes that.



Star Wars #2

To say we wouldn’t pick this book up just because of the Alex Ross cover would be a lie, and lies are unseemly. But it helps that the first issue was some of the best Star Wars comics Dark Horse has been putting out lately.

Oh, also, this issue has Boba Fett. So, really, you just ran out of excuses to not buy it.








Powers Bureau #1

Yes, Powers is back. The relentlessly delayed comic finally makes the jump to the federal league, following Deena Pilgrim to the FBI. But, of course, she’s still dealing with superheroes, and it doesn’t appear Walker is entirely out of the picture.

Mostly we’re just glad for the fans of this book. The stop/start rhythm of publication has been incredibly frustrating, and hopefully the curse that’s following Bendis and Oeming on this one fades for once.






What one book are you most looking forward to? Take a look at the full list and let us know.