Early Panels: Three Comics We’re Looking Forward To

Here are three books hitting the FLCS tomorrow that we can’t wait to read.

The Answer! #1

Mike Norton, the genius behind Battlepug and experienced artist, alone would be a selling point. But Dennis Hopeless adding his writing skills to The Answer makes this especially tempting. Although Norton and Hopeless are a bit tight-lipped about what this book is about precisely, they will say that there’s a bit of affectionate parody of Steve Ditko’s more self-righteous comics worked into the mix. Considering that Dark Horse’s recent “superhero” books tend to offer some very, very different takes on the genre, we’re looking forward to Ditko’s Objectivist tendencies getting a ribbing.

Also, that costume will launch a thousand cosplay boats, and you have to love a book with that… particular relic on the cover.






Star Trek Countdown To Darkness #1

However you feel about the movies and the reboot, there is no denying that IDW’s Star Trek ongoing is one of the best books the company puts out. Mike Johnson consistently takes familiar stories from the original series and creatively reimagines them, putting new twists on stuff Trekkies have seen a thousand times and making it fresh.

And, of course, this will likely add a few details to the currently sparse plot. This may finally clear up whether Khan is in this damn movie once and for all.






Uncanny X-Force #1

A black ops team led by Psylocke and Storm, that starts with hunting down Bishop? OK, you have our attention.

Sam Humphries is handling the writing, with Ron Garney handling the art. Honestly, this is compelling because Marvel’s recent handling of team books has actually been spot on. If this can be Marvel’s version of Suicide Squad, that would be great.






What book are you most looking forward to tomorrow?  Here’s the full list: Let us know in the comments.