Early Panels: Three Comics Worth Looking At Tomorrow

After a bit of a hiatus, Early Panels is back. So what three books do we think are particularly worth throwing onto the sub pile tomorrow?

Supurbia #3

Grace Randolph’s mix of domestic soap opera and superhero comics just keeps getting better. A nice touch with Randolph is that in terms of powers, her characters might be knock-offs of established properties, but in terms of personality and behavior, they’re very, very different. For example, this world’s version of Superman is a deeply disturbing nutjob who is fully aware that he could solve his problems by killing everybody and worse, seems to consider it an option he just hasn’t deployed yet. Also, catfight!







Repossessed #1

Essentially, this is a book about working stiffs whose job happens to be separating demons from their possession targets. Yep, our heroes are a bunch of grouchy, underpaid, overworked, blue-collar types who just happen to be exorcists for a living. J.M. Ringuet has largely worked as an artist in comics, and this is his first creator-owned series: Honestly, if nothing else, it promises to be a heck of a lot of fun.








Mars Attacks KISS

IDW’s KISS comic is one of the most insane and ridiculous comics on the stands now, in a good way. The basic thrust of the book is essentially Captain Universe, except with four rock stars.

And they’re going to cross that over with Mars Attacks. Especially in light of how faithful, yet utterly weird, Mars Attacks Popeye was, this will likely be four bucks well spent, although likely you will find yourself wondering what the hell you just read, in a good way.








What’s the one book you’re most looking forward to tomorrow? Here’s the list: Let us know in the comments.