Early Panels: Three Comics Worth Reading 4/24/13

Cyborg pirates, failing to live up to superheroic legacies, and Booster frickin’ Gold top our comics we can’t wait to read this week.

All-Star Western #19

DC has been spending April throwing a series of curveballs at readers, and All-Star Western won’t be any exception. The book has closer ties to DC continuity in general than you might at first think, as it’s been involved in the Court of Owls and has dropped hints about Stormwatch in addition to the usual fun with Jonah Hex and company.

But this might be the most interesting crossover yet: Booster Gold is making an appearance. As Gray and Palmiotti have the best take on Booster short of Dan Jurgens, we’re pretty excited to see what’ll happen when Hex meets Gold.





Amala’s Blade #1

Amala’s Blade had a fairly enticing zero issue that was all about cyborg pirates and stabbings, two of our favorite things in comic books. Amala is the master assassin in this particular scenario, but there’s a lot more to it, and to her, than just the usual “chick with a sword” routine we see a little too often. We’ll be curious to see what the book proper has up its sleeve.

Jupiter’s Legacy #1

Mark Millar and Frank Quitely team up to tell a story about trying to live up to your family legacy when your family legacy is, uh, being Superman. Essentially the children of superheroes are stuck with the family job, even if they don’t want it, and even if they’re not particularly good at it. It’s essentially Kingdom Come told from the teenager’s perspective. As Millar has stepped away from his “shock” tendencies as a writer in recent years, his talent has come more to the fore, and we’ll be interested to see what he does with this slightly different approach to superhero legacies.

Not sure what book you’re most anticipating this week? Here’s the full list: Let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to!