‘Earthworm Jim’ Creator Is Kickstarting ‘Armikrog’, A Successor To Cult Adventure Game ‘The Neverhood’

Who here’s played The Neverhood? If you haven’t, you should try to track it down — it was one of the best (and most underappreciated) adventure games of the 90s. Created by Doug TenNapel (who also created Earthworm Jim), The Neverhood featured cool claymation visuals, top-notch writing and was, well, just generally memorable. It was also a huge flop.

But hey, we’re living in the age of Kickstarter where anything, no matter how niche, can get funding! So, TenNapel along with fellow animators/collaborators Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield are looking for 900k to make Armikrog, a spiritual successor to The Neverhood. In addition to cool stop-motion animation, the game will also feature a pretty choice voice cast including MSTK3’s Mike Nelson, Jon Heder, Scott Kurtz (creator of PvP) and Rob Paulsen (of Animaniacs and million other cartoons you loved as a kid).

Hit the jump for a short bit of animation from Armikrog along with the standard Kickstarter pitch…

A note — yes, I realize Doug TenNapel made some rather tasteless anti-gay marriage comments a couple years ago. Personally as long as Armikrog doesn’t end up being a thinly veiled anti-gay marriage screed (and I don’t think it will be) I’m willing to separate a talented artist’s art from his personal opinions. If Doug TenNapel’s personal opinions prevent you from funding his Kickstarter, that’s understandable, but let’s not turn the comments section into a spittle-flecked gay marriage debate war zone, okay?

So that said, if you’re still into helping Armikrog happen, you can do so here.

via Destructoid