EA's Best Series Returns — Dead Space 3 is Happening

The Dead Space series is kind of an oddity — in amongst EA’s usual line-up of soulless annual sports updates and bland shooters there’s this great, genuinely scary horror franchise set in a really detailed, well-realized universe. Unfortunately, while it’s arguably EA’s best series, the Dead Space games don’t exactly sell blockbuster numbers, and EA isn’t a company to bet on anything but the surest of sure things. Basically every time a new Dead Space game comes out, there’s a very good chance it may be the last.

Well, thankfully it seems as though the Dead Space series is being given at least one more chance, as EA has announced Dead Space 3 is on the way. The game will be fully unveiled at this year’s E3 and will be available sometime before the end of EA’s current fiscal year (which ends March 2013).

Not much is known about the game yet, although according to IGN, there will be a bit of a scenery change in store, with the creepy space stations of previous Dead Space games being replaced an ice-planet environment. Also, series main character Isaac’s mental deterioration will continue, with him developing a full-on split personality. Not surprising — only so many times necromorphs can jump out of air ducts at you, before you invent a second personality to watch your back.

via Technabob & IGN