Stuntman Eddie Braun Takes Care Of His Idol Evel Knievel’s Unfinished Snake Canyon Business

As long as there are ridiculously dangerous stunts to be tackled, there will be daredevils risking life, limb and most of their skeletons to meet such a challenge. On Friday, one courageous soul took on a stunt that even the legendary Evel Knievel couldn’t conquer: Cross Snake River Canyon.

Attempted in tribute to stunt god Knievel, Eddie Braun was able to succeed where his hero could not. Braun soared over the Idaho canyon in a rocket dubbed the ““Evel Spirit.” Onlookers watched as Braun managed to complete the stunt, remain alive and use the successful attempt as part of his argument that Knievel would have likely have gotten a much better result if his parachute opened at the correct time.

“I feel like the no-name, third-string quarterback of a junior-varsity team that just won the Super Bowl,” declared Braun in a statement following the insane rocket stunt. “My team got me there. I ran it into the end zone. We scored and won.”

To complete the 1,400 foot-wide jump and, um, stay alive, Braun’s rocket reached speeds estimated at 400 mph before the parachute was deployed. The footage of the stunt is fascinating as well. It’s a strangle bundle of nerves and onlookers trying to determine if things went well or if Braun was going to need to go to the hospital immediately. It’s worthy of a watch and we have the clip nestled above for your viewing pleasure.

(Via Time)