If Your Great Aunt Is Friends With Edward Norton He Will Personalize ‘Fight Club’ Quotes For You For Hanukkah

12.10.12 6 years ago

At least that’s what we are to assume from Redditor blcor128’s, “my grand-aunt is a good friend of Ed Norton, so this is what i received for hanukkah tonight” post title and the subsequent image share (full below).

Kind of weird Ed Norton personalizes Tyler Durden quotes when doing Hanukkah favors for older ladies though. I mean, sure, technically he and Brad Pitt are (20TH CENTURY SPOILER ALERT) the same character, but it still seems odd to quote a line you didn’t actually speak from a movie that you’re in (although he drops the “all-singing, all-dancing” part during the realization). Maybe Blake was just in need of a Durden-esque pep talk.

Anyhoo, Edward Norton seems like a pretty swell guy and my great aunt used to give me decade old Werther’s Originals for Christmas. Maybe Kurp has a point.

Via Reddit

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