This Eight-Year-Old’s Savage Prank On Her Uncle Is Murder In The First Degree

There are some pranks that are so savage, so blistering that there’s absolutely no coming back. Such was the case with former Uproxx Creative Director Ryan Perry, who tweeted the above photo on Monday. “My eight-year-old is battling her uncle in a prank war,” he wrote. “Last night she delivered this devastating blow.”

Indeed, “L,” as we’ll call her for the sake of privacy, wrote in large chalk letters in front of her uncle’s parking space, “RESERVED FOR MR. FART.” Her uncle’s name is irrelevant, because obviously from here on out, for the rest of his days walking on this earth, he will now be known only as Mr. Fart. Unfortunately, Sunday night’s rain washed it away before Mr. Fart’s neighbors could admire L’s handiwork the following morning, but after Perry’s tweet went viral, the rest of the world was able to appreciate it in posterity.

Within 24 hours the tweet had roughly 75,000 likes and 9,000 retweets, as plenty of people jumped into the fray to commend L’s barbaric masterpiece. Some questioned that the handwriting looked too good to be the work of an eight-year-old, but in a since-deleted tweet, Perry brought receipts that it was, indeed, his daughter who was responsible for Mr. Fart.

Others initially mistook L’s two thumbs up as a double bird, although that maybe would have crossed a line:

One thing’s for sure — this kid’s future is so bright, she’ll have to wear shades.

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