Either Kojima Is Messing With Us, Or The Release Date For ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Just Leaked

For the record, I’m not going to rule out Hideo Kojima trolling the hell out of his adoring fanbase because it would not be the first time. But if this IGN slip-up isn’t part of another viral campaign, it looks like somebody blabbed Metal Gear Solid V‘s release date.

Found by most of the internet, but we’ll credit Kotaku, IGN accidentally posted an announcement video early. It closes with the release date: Sept. 1, 2015. We’ll spare you the calendar visit: That is, in fact, a Tuesday, so it’s probably legit.

If you’re not familiar, Metal Gear Solid V will feature some ridiculous convoluted plot about the military and clones and giant robots which you will ignore in favor of abducting sheep and sneaking through open world environments with guards smart enough to spot you at 300 yards but too stupid to realize this might be a trap:

Yes, Kojima is making this entry in the series particularly wacky, which should be highly entertaining. Although really, any game where you can sedate some poor schmuck, strap him to a weather balloon, and have an airplane carry him off can’t help but be entertaining. We’ll find out just how much so this September.