An Elephant And A Giraffe Push It To The Limit In 'Grand Theft Auto IV'

Last month we watched in awe and respect as a horse pushed it to the very limit in Grand Theft Auto IV. Now we are graced with two more majestic creatures running down pedestrians in Liberty City. Take that, civilization. And just behold this wondrous gif.

That’s elephantastic!

Both GTA IV mods featured in the two videos below were made by Indirivacua. The elephant can be downloaded here, and the giraffe is available here. We didn’t know we’d be telling people to download an elephant today, but now we can’t imagine this afternoon going any other way. All your previous plans are now irrelephant.

Videos of more mods (including Slenderman and a dragon who yells “Fus Ro Dah”) are available at PC Gamer.

[Gif via Pleated-Jeans.]