Look How Ridiculously HAPPY Eliot Spitzer Is To Be Running For Office Again

As you may have heard, disgraced hooker-loving former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, aka “Client #9,” is running for comptroller — whatever that is — in New York. Well, today he formally announced his candidacy with a big press event in Union Square. And he looks so HAPPY! Almost like a man who never thought he’d get a shot at a political career again only to find out that the modern electorate is apparently tolerant of dudes who nail prostitutes and send dick pics on Twitter behind their wives’ backs. Just look at that Spitzer-face!

With that said, on the pages that follow are few pics of Eliot Spitzer looking HAPPY — almost creepily so — at today’s event. Meanwhile, Ashley Dupre has yet to weigh in.

(All photos via Getty Images)