Team Jane: Eliza Coupe Of ‘Happy Endings’ Has An Impressive, Double Entendre-Filled Instagram

Back when Warming Glow ran a post on TV’s toughest Annie vs. Britta debates, we included a poll for Happy Endings: you could vote for Alex, Penny, or Jane (sorry, Dana). At the time, I voted for Alex (Elisa Cuthbert) because, obviously, as did over 55% of you. Now, though, after seeing the Instagram for the actress who plays Jane, Eliza Coupe, I’m changing my mind. TEAM DESTROY YOURSELF AT THE BAR.

It turns out Coupe loves poop, boob, and masturbation jokes just as much as we do. Also, dogs. She really likes dogs. Here are some of our favorite portraits “elizamuthaf*ckincoupe” has taken, proving that even if you got your start on something called Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz, you can still turn out awesome.

“Good morning.”

“Just another day on the set of Rock Of Ages II

“No. Caption.”

“Happy belated birthday @catielaffoon !!!!!!!”

“Annnd time. it’s ur bday @thevenskus . I hope some massive shit comes ur way 2day.”

“”Ike n Tina” this fall on ABC #ouch”


“(insert filthy ball innuendo here)”

“Double pen.. I mean prom. @CaryThis @realityadjacent”

“Just letting another random guy buzz out his ink on me.”

“Just a Friday night with Tuna and @missjobaker”

“@ericdalessandro @deoncole oh so this is what it would like if u were both f’in a praying mantis”

“F*cking right we’re at the Comedy Awards. @adampally”

“Strumming one out”

“Spring break Chateau Marmont @catielaffoon”