Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Is Inspiring Impersonations Of Her Bizarre Speaking Voice

03.21.19 5 months ago

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Although already well known by avid readers and podcast listeners, the rest of the world became acquainted with Elizabeth Holmes through the HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. The film explores just how a 19-year-old Stanford dropout went on to scam billions from Silicon Valley investors with her company Theranos, which falsely boasted an innovative new blood test that could be performed with finger-pricks of blood.

Of course, investors found out the hard way that the technology described by Holmes was literally impossible in every sense of the word, but it didn’t stop them from getting duped into throwing money hand-over-fist at her anyway. Some credit the unique persona Holmes gave herself modeled after Steve Jobs, and a perceived fake voice to make her sound more manly and important.

My god, the voice.

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