Ellen Degeneres Secretly Filmed Portia De Rossi Doing A Jane Fonda Workout Video

One of the greatest joys of marriage is having a partner who is continuously by your side to be the butt of jokes as you grow old together. Hell. My husband maintains an entire Twitter account where he curates all of the stupid names I make up for our pets — and no, I’m not telling you what it’s called.

Ellen Degeneres must also be familiar with this marriage philosophy, as she tweeted out the above video of her wife Portia De Rossi doing a Jane Fonda workout video over the weekend, with the caption: “@PortiadeRossi said I could watch her do her @JaneFonda workout. She didn’t say anything about filming & tweeting it.” So, so cruel. And whatever, Ellen — I bet at least Portia knows how to hold the phone the correct way when recording video. SO THERE.

(Via EOnline)