Emily Ratajkowski Might Not Be Watching The Super Bowl, From The Looks Of A Mysterious Tweet

Emily Ratajkowski has a lot going on these days. Not only does she remain a sought-after supermodel with various endorsement deals, but she’s also doing her own podcast, High Low with EmRata. There, she revealed that her personal life is more awkward than she’d like, given the paparazzi informing everyone when they see her on a date. This complicates matters while she casually dates for obvious reasons, and it might be why she looked almost pained while dating Pete Davidson after explaining why she understood the attraction to him.

Still, Emily has time to weigh in on subjects that some might consider to be random, like in January when she cryptically tweeted (without context), “Sorry but…fuck the NFL”

Emily provided no explanation for her tweet, and someone who doesn’t know too terribly much about sports [raises hand] could assume that she simply hates football. That’s likely not the case because Emily has previously been in attendance at the Super Bowl, as with this 2017 photo from Instagram. She also once revealed that a disgraced financier paid her $25,000 to attend the Big Game, so she’s probably not much of a fan and simply attends because it’s the place to be.

One can probably guess — from the timing of Emily’s tweet — that this tweet has something to do with Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s mid-game cardiac arrest, an event that has brought scrutiny upon the NFL for how they must handle the collective trauma experienced by players and the audience alike.

Whatever the NFL has done or not done about that fallout, it seems as though Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t approve. Or…. maybe she simply wanted to express the desire to not attend the Super Bowl this year. We’ll find out on February 12.