Screw Superfoods: The Secret To Living Until 115 Is Staying Single And Eating Raw Eggs

The next time you wake up, hear some bones crack, and think you’re “falling apart” at the tender age of 30, consider 115-year-old Emma Morano. Because she’s doing just fine and she has some supercentenarian knowledge to drop about life and how to live it. You might not like it though, because it involves staying single for the rest of your life. Then again, some of us might really like that.

Morano is making the media rounds from the comfort of her own home in Verbania, Italy after turning 115 years old on November 29. That means she was born in 1899. She lives by herself (with some assistance from her niece) and is in excellent health for someone her age, according to her doctor. What is the secret to becoming the fifth-oldest person in the entire world? Raw eggs. Three a day, a recommendation from a doctor to counter anemia. If it’s good enough for Rocky Balboa, it’s sure as hell good enough for Emma Morano.

But then there’s the part where she’s been single this whole time. Morano was married, but she and her husband split in 1938 after the death of their child. While she had plenty of would-be suitors after her marriage ended, she “didn’t want to be dominated by anyone.”

Before you start thinking about guzzling raw eggs to live close to forever, remember that longevity is largely hereditary; Morano’s two sisters lived to be almost 100 and 102, respectively, so this was something that ran in the family. The New York Times also points out that if you talk to 100 different 100-year-olds, you’ll get 100 different stories about how they lived so long. Good scotch whiskey and lively conversation might work for some people while vegan cheese and meditation will work for others. (I’m kidding about that vegan cheese, of course. That stuff is gross.)

All you can really do is carpe diem, kids. For as many diems as you can.

Source: The New York Times