Enjoy This Supercut Of ’80s Movie Characters Hacking Away On Laughable Computer Technology

Remember back in the ’80s when you’d be playing Turtle in computer science class and then go watch some movie where computers seemed like these magical entities that could do virtually anything you asked of them and it seemed like total bullcrap? Well, it’s because it was total bullcrap. People who made movies in the ’80s didn’t exactly have a firm grasp on what was or wasn’t plausible computer technology, so they just sort of winged it. And that’s OK.

A supercut of bad technology from the year 2000 on would be much more finger-wagging, if you ask me, because by then people should and do know better, but you still see TV shows or movies now and then with fake computer interfaces that display giant cartoonish “NEW MAIL!” icons as plot devices.

Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent now. Let’s get nostalgic with this ’80s computer technology supercut, featuring lots of Matthew Broderick, the posterboy for bad ’80s hacking, apparently.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)