Eric Bolling Of Fox News Apologized For His Sexist ‘Boobs On The Ground’ Joke

As it turns out, joking about the military is a really bad idea for a FOX News host. The Five’s Eric Bolling was forced to apologize Friday after a crack he made earlier in the week about United Arab Emirates fighter pilot Mariam Al Mansouri, who led a squadron of F-16’s into battle against ISIS. Bolling’s “boobs on the ground” joke did not go over well with FOX News viewers, specifically females in the military. And if there’s one thing FOX is super serious about, it’s the military.

Therefore, let me speak clearly and sincerely. I am sorry for what I said. I believe that Major Al Mansouri is a hero. She is courageous, brave, and she deserves our praise, not inappropriate jokes. I appreciate that she is fighting the extreme radicals that threaten all of us. She has my admiration and my very, very sincere gratitude.

And that folks is how you apologize for a stupid sexist joke.

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