Erin Andrews Rejecting 50 Cent’s Kiss Is Your New Favorite ‘Awkward’ GIF

50 Cent, QVC hawker, masturbation stopper, author, Occupy Wall Street supporter, everything but a musician, basically, including Guy Who Gets Awkwardly Rejected by Attractive Women on Live TV. The former-rapper attended this weekend’s Daytona 500, and after documenting his long journey there, Fox producers thought it wise to put him on camera with star-dancer Erin Andrews. According to USA Today:

As Andrews wandered around pit road on-camera, briefly speaking to drivers in passing, she spotted 50…Curtis Jackson approached her and went straight in for the kiss. Andrews did her best to dodge the kiss and he wound up settling for her cheek. (Via)

Get rejected or die tryin’, though the “nibble the cheek” move is considered subtle for the average Raiders fan.

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