Officer Eugene Goodman Is Being Hailed As A Hero For Saving Mitt Romney From The MAGA Rioters In Newly-Released Footage 

Officer Eugene Goodman may have saved Mitt Romney’s life.

During the second day of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Wednesday, House impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett (D-United States Virgin Islands) introduced footage of Officer Goodman alarming the Utah senator about the approaching mob inside the Capitol building on January 6.

“Officer Goodman passes Mitt Romney and directs him to turn around in order to get to safety,” she said during the proceedings. “On the first floor, just beneath them, the mob had already started to search for the Senate chamber. Officer Goodman made his way down to the first floor, where he encountered the same insurrectionists we just saw breach the Capitol.” Romney was the only Republican to vote to convict President Trump in his first impeachment trial (in fact, he was the first senator ever “to vote to remove a president of his own party from office”), making him a target of the MAGA rioters.

At the time, rioters had already broken windows and were pouring into the building one floor below. Goodman then ran down the stairs to confront the crowd. Vastly outnumbered, Goodman steadily retreated, leading the crowd away from the Senate chamber and into a hallway where other Capitol Police could finally block the advance of the rioters.

Goodman, who served as acting deputy Senate sergeant-at-arms at Joe Biden’s inauguration, is the one thing Republicans and Democrats can both agree on: a bipartisan bill was introduced last month for the veteran to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom “for his bravery and quick thinking.” He deserves it, and so much more.