Eva Mendes Might Be Pregnant With Ryan Gosling’s Baby And The Internet Is Going BANANAS (UPDATE)

(UPDATE: There is definitely a Mini Gosling in there.)

OK! Magazine is reporting that Eva Mendes is supposedly seven months along carrying Ryan Gosling’s baby, which — if true — is like the celebrity equivalent of a real life person getting pregnant and then going to “live with their aunt” for nine months and coming back a little bit fatter, on the scale of secret pregnancy scandals. Think about that: If Jennifer Aniston so much as eats a burrito (not that Jennifer Aniston would ever lower herself to eating at Chipotle) and gets photographed then everyone in the world says she’s pregnant but Eva Mendes apparently pulled it off for seven entire months. The above photo, taken in March, was the most recent press photo I could find of her which means that she would have already been three months along. Amazing.

At any rate, women of the internet are predictably LOSING THEIR SH*T over the news, either because they’re in love with Baby Goose themselves or because this means that he and his precious flower Rachel McAdams (who he tried to have kicked off The Notebook) really are over forever and ever.

Here’s a sampling of the insanity:

— taryn (@tarynkasper) July 9, 2014

They both seem like perfectly nice people, so I’m not sure what the big deal is here — but then again, I guess that’s the difference between a woman who hasn’t ever seen The Notebook and a woman who has seen it fifty-eight times.