Every ‘Double Oh’ From Every Bond Film Is A Psychological Evaluation Disguised As A Supercut

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Like most people who work in this realm of the world wide web I suffer from supercut fatigue, but without fail I’ll watch anything that has to do with my pop culture favorites like Archer or Kenny Powers, because even when I don’t feel like clicking play I always end up glad I did.

Same goes for James Bond. I will never not be fascinated by all things 007. And just when you think every pop culture dissection has been done someone comes along and edits all 193 instances a character says “Double Oh” from all 23 Bond films into one video. It’s utterly mesmerizing (and may or may not hypnotize you into drinking Heineken in the process). At first your brain is all “secret agents with a license to kill,” but then you find yourself craving Double Stuff Oreos, and then thinking a visit to Dublin may be in order, and by the end your Googling the “Davalos Twins” and… the rest is up to your imagination.

Once you’ve completed the James Bond psychological experiment below on yourself, I suggest revisiting “His Name Is James Bond.” It seriously never gets less great.

YouTube via The High Definite. Banner image courtesy of Columbia via Moviefone.

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