The Every Movie Trailer From 2013 Supercut Is Here And It Is Seriously Comprehensive

Editorial Director

You know you’re closing in on the end of the year in the entertainment tip of the internet when Sleepy Skunk’s annual “Movie Trailer Mashup” work of video editing mastery hits YouTube. The 2013 edition is just under seven minutes long and features “Brooklyn Go Hard (Instrumental)” by Jay-Z, “Save The World (Knife Party Remix)’ – by Swedish House Mafia, and “The Opening” by François Paul Aïche.

As always, you’ll be equal parts fascinated by the number of films churned out in a 365 day period and imagining how long it must have taken someone to put this together, not to mention the number of sh*tty trailers that must have been watched on repeat. Looking at you, Delivery Man.


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