Today Is Every Pervert’s Favorite Holiday: Work In The Nude Day

As a stay-at-home blogger, every day can be/is Work in the Nude Day, as the cable man tragically found out that one time. Yes, there’s nothing like making fun of Guy Fieri while your guy’s flapping in the breeze (from the desk fan that’s continually on to get rid of the smell of sweaty failure. And Cheetos.) Yes, it’s a charmed lifestyle, but you, too, can live the life of a “journalist” by celebrating Work in the Nude Day. That’s today!

On Friday 6 December, 2013, we would love you to take part in Flying Solo’s second annual Work in the Nude Day…In 2012 the day went off with over 500 participants on the Facebook event and hundreds more pledging their support on Flying Solo’s forums and social networks, extensive media ‘coverage’ and over 50 daring souls stripping off for our selfie competition. And now Work in the Nude Day is back.

And this year it’s cheekier than ever! (Via)

Butt puns and nudity: what’s not to like? Here are some brave participants.

(Via Flying Solo, photos via Facebook)