Everybody Relax, Chelsea Handler Is Not Pregnant

Earlier this week, Chelsea Handler posted a picture of her dog looking at her from inside a car to Instagram with the caption, “It’s like a 24 hour watch. He must know I’m pregnant” — leading her followers to speculate “OMGGGGG IS CHELSEA HANDLER PREGNANT????”

No, Chelsea Handler is not pregnant. But she did do a good job of riling everyone up for a second there. In an updated post, she wrote:


In all likelihood, Handler is referring to the abortion she had at 16, which she opened up about a few years back, so… I guess that’s a funny thing to joke about? I’m not saying that women shouldn’t talk about their abortions or anything, and I’m not even going to get started in a super serious conversation like that, but it just seems like an odd thing to try to get attention for on social media.

Then again, no topics are off limits when it comes to what Chelsea Handler will try to get attention for on social media.