Everything About Rolling Stone’s Profile Of Charles Manson Is Horrifying

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11.23.13 3 Comments

Earlier in the week, we told you about the greatest American love story, between Charles Manson and a 25-year-old woman named Star. It’s like Lady and the Tramp, if the Tramp was a Beatles-loving folk musician who, oh yeah, also did some horrible things with his “Family.” Now the full Rolling Stone profile is out, and it’s a revealing look at the thought process from a mad man who wears a swastika on his forehead like a bindi.

“Sex to me is like going to the toilet. Whether it’s a girl or not, it doesn’t matter. I don’t play that girl-guy sh*t. I’m not hung up in that game.”

He’s a regular Forrest Gump, that one.

“You think I’m too old to jack off. You think, ‘He’s too old to f*ck his pillow.’ But I’m not. I’m still active with my roscoe. I’m still me.”

Never trust anyone who calls their dick “my roscoe.”

“You take a baby and” – here he says something truly awful about what you could do to that baby, worse beyond anything you could imagine – “and it dies,” and here he says something equally wretched.

“You take a baby and…make him to listen to my music…and it dies”?

He shakes his head and leans in on me, easing up close. “Well, you know what I’d really like to have? I’d like to have some real p*ssy. I’d like to have a little something to smoke. I’d like a good electric guitar. I’d like a good place to fart and sh*t.”

To be fair, don’t we all? Read the rest of the profile here.

(via Getty Image, via Rolling Stone)

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