This Is Not Acceptable: @Horse_ebooks Was A Performance Art Project By Two Buzzfeed Employees

09.24.13 6 years ago 5 Comments

The New Yorker reported this morning that @Horse_ebooks, the beloved, surreal Twitter account responsible for tweets like “Everything happens so much” and “Ask your dumbass friends if they know of a reputable artist” has actually been a super-secretive performance art project by two Buzzfeed employees named Jacob Bakkila and Thomas Bender. And that they’ll be killing the account to create a new “choose-your-own-adventure interactive-video piece called Bear Stearns Bravo” in conjunction with their other top-secret project, the YouTube account Pronunciation Book.

Lots of words have been dedicated to @Horse_books on the Internet (many of them, as it turns out, were quite incorrect), so if you want to read up on the history or greatest hits of the account, please feel free. As for me, I’ll be … I’ll …

I believe this song sums things up pretty well.

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