Everything We Know About ‘The Flash’

Marvel is taking over theaters, but on the small screen, DC is relentlessly marching towards total dominance. Arrow is entering its third season, and it’s about to have a spinoff, the much-hyped The Flash. So, what do we know about The Flash, two weeks out from its premiere?

The Plot In A Nutshell

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is struck by lightning and discovers he can access the Speed Force, which lets him run really, really fast and in turn puts him on the road to adventure. Especially since the same accident that made him a good sprinter has also apparently struck every single criminal in the Central City area.

The Pilot Is Quite Good

It leaked, we saw it, and it was surprisingly good for a pilot. If you’ve never read a Flash comic in your entire life, you’d still find it accessible and fun, and if you’re an obsessive nerd, you’ll be giddy with all the in-jokes and references.

There Are More Heroes Than Just The Flash

Flash casting news has been everywhere for the last six months, but probably the most interesting tidbit is that he’s not going to be the only hero on the show. One of the main cast members portrays the civilian alias of Vibe, and one Ronny Raymond, better known as Firestorm, is also in the cast. Also of interest? Both of those guys have been members of the Justice League at some point.

We’ll also point out that Ray Palmer, better known as the Atom, is going to buy Ollie’s company on Arrow, so you’ve got a pretty credible superteam going on right there.

They Are Wasting No Time Bringing In The Flash’s Villains

Just the first few episodes will feature Captain Cold, Reverse Flash, Weather Wizard, Heat Wave, and Killer Frost, although she might not be a villain at first. Even better, the show is already confirming that the beloved team of Rogues the Flash often fights will be forming over the course of the season, and a major Flash villain, Captain Boomerang, is turning up in Arrow.

Should I Watch It?

I’d say yes. Arrow started surprisingly strong and has steadily improved to become one of the best action shows on TV, and you don’t have to take my word for it, it’s got converts among the staff. This seems, a lot, like it’ll be lighter in tone and clearer of purpose, and we’re excited to see what comes next.