Two Clips And A Teaser For ‘Evil Dead’ Just Made Our Monday Creepy

If the red band trailer and teaser for Evil Dead weren’t nightmare fuel enough, now we have two clips and the WonderCon teaser. We also have some new pictures. None of these have the knife-licking level of violence of the red bands, but are nonetheless plenty disturbing all the same. It’s a little early in the morning to be sh–ting one’s pants, but there you go. Really sets the tone for the rest of this day.

Evil Dead opens April 12th from director Fede Alvarez (Panic Attack!). Awesomely, they used no CGI in the movie — even when it would be cheaper to do so — in order to give everything that gory, old-school feel. It seems to have worked. Especially in the first clip, wherein Jane Levy informs her friends that they’re all going to die tonight. No wonder they’re all staring in disbelief at something to their right in every picture below.

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