The Newest Red Band Clip From ‘Evil Dead’ Is Just A Wee Bit Gory

Evil Dead opens today. Wow. It’s in theaters already? It seems like only yesterday that clips from this were making me jump out a window, avoid all trees, and buy new pants. Now we have three more pants-sh**tingly creepy videos to share, along with a final batch of photos.

The first video below is an atmospheric TV spot introduced by Bruce Campbell and director Fede Alvarez. It’s relatively tame for an Evil Dead spot, with quotes from critics and relatively bloodless scenes set to Mozart’s Requiem. That music makes anything epic. You could dub it onto slow-motion video of someone making scrambled eggs and it would become a poignant study of fractured life in Great Recession era America. WHOA. Literature.

Here’s the longer version of a clip we’ve posted before.

Here’s the red band clip, and we’re not kidding when we say it’s NSFW due to gore.


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