The ‘Evolution Of Dance’ Dude Has Busted Out A Third Installment In Time For Its 10th Anniversary

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And with a pelvic thrust, evolution gyrates on.

Judson Laipply’s proto-viral video “The Evolution of Dance” has racked up hundreds of millions of views since it debuted back in the wild west that was YouTube in April 2006, and now the 10th anniversary is marked with an all-new addition to the canon. The self-described inspirational comedian has followed up “Evolution” entries one and two to provide a new assortment of moves that range from Chuck Berry’s duck walk, Axl Rose’s serpentine slither and whatever the hell it is Drake is doing in the “Hotline Bling” video.

Weaving and dabbing through assorted eras, genres and difficulty levels, Laipply told Inside Edition that he’s targeting a younger generation with this threequel.

“(This is) for the younger generation,” Laipply told, saying it, “also still has some good stuff in it that the older generation would love.”

“People can say all they want,” Laipply said. “Whether they like it or they don’t like it, but everybody knows what that is.”

Speaking of people knowing what the clip is, Laipply’s definitely taken notice of Jimmy Fallon’s assorted takes on the genre. By his count, Fallon has busted out five parodies of “Evolution of Dance” at his Peacock Network late night gigs.

“I’m officially calling Jimmy Fallon out,” Laipply announced to, challenging The Tonight Show host to an Evolution of Dance dance-off.

“It’s about time he has the real dancer on.”

We can’t help but wonder if there’s a Drinko pioneer that might be tempted to pitch a similar challenge.

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