Exclusive Preview: ‘Action Comics’ #23

Superman, over in Action Comics, is currently dealing with Hector Hammond, he of the large cranium and psionic powers. Or, more specifically, the alien warriors Hector Hammond has managed to provoke into showing up because he’s building planet-cracking engines of mass destruction with H.I.V.E. You know, because building those always ends well for supervillains.

Scott Lobdell’s take on Action Comics is actually a lot of fun to read. Lobdell takes an action-comedy approach to the situation, often finding humor in the fact that a lot of people are, for no explicable reason, extremely arrogant towards Superman, and he’s often cheerfully snarking them right back.

Tyler Kirkham’s art helps considerably: Kirkham clearly enjoys the sometimes absurd situations Superman has to deal with as part of his job. Especially when that arrogance on the part of the antagonists sets them up for a bit of a Superbeatdown…