Exclusive Preview: ‘Elysium: The Art Of The Film’

Just in time for the movie’s premiere, Titan Books published this week an in-depth look at Elysium, collecting the film’s storyboards, concept art, and other work. A review, and some previews of what to expect, under the cut.

The book, available in both a standard edition and a limited edition with new art by Syd Mead, is up to Titan’s usual gorgeous standards. It’s also fairly detailed about Elysium, so you should pick it up after you see it. It’s a very well-curated collection of images, and it makes for a fun comparison to watch the trailers and see just where certain ideas for the art were applied.

The art itself is fascinating; there’s a level of detail that goes into everything that really has to be seen. So, here are some exclusive images, courtesy of Titan: The book is out today.