Exclusive Preview: ‘Hinterkind #2’

Generally, in fiction, fantasy creatures coming back is treated as a wonderful, magical thing. This tends to disregard the fact that many fantasy creatures enjoy a nice haunch of human. Hinterkind is more accurate in that respect, as we’ll see in Gamma Squad’s exclusive preview.

Written by Ian Edginton (who you might know from his lengthy decade-plus career writing comics) and drawn by Francesco Trifogli, Hinterkind is a very different kind of fantasy comic. It’s the post-apocalypse; humanity is scarce, and something is whittling down its numbers as outpost after outpost just stops broadcasting.

That something, as it turns out, are the various magical creatures, from fairies to unicorns, that have returned. A nice touch is that Edginton pays tribute to the dark side of folklore without being pretentious about it; the creatures are human enough to make sense but alien enough to be troubling. Also violent, as we’ll see in this preview. Hinterkind #2 is on stands next week.