Exclusive Preview: October 7th’s ‘Green Arrow’

You can put Oliver Queen through a lot. You can take his fortune, you can beat him up, you can fake your death and then reveal yourself to be alive after decades, but there’s one line you don’t cross with Ollie: Hurt his dog and he’s going to beat you senseless. Something this group of ninjas is about to learn the hard way in this exclusive preview.

This issue is the followup to an unusual fable-like story about a wolf and a murderer from Benjamin Percy, Fabrizio Fiorentino and Patrick Zircher, where we learn that Ollie’s pet wolf is… well, let’s just there’s a reason a guy like Ollie tends to attract strays. And ninjas. Usually the two are related, of course, which leads us to Ollie’s fight in this alley:

If that wasn’t enough, keep an eye out for the Monsters variants DC is running this October, this one featuring a certain member of the Green:

To see what happens next, or just to enjoy a visit from one Alec Holland on the cover, check out Green Arrow #45, on sale next Wednesday digitally and in comic book stores.