Velvet Tiger Sinks In Her Claws In This Exclusive Preview Of September 23’s ‘Batgirl’

Barbara Gordon has a lot on her plate: She’s trying to clear her friend’s name, save her animal-rights activist buddy, and, oh yeah, figure out who’s been feeding respected scientists to a pack of tigers. As you might have guessed, it’s all connected in this preview of Batgirl #44.

I confess to some skepticism when Batgirl first began its new run; it launched as a serious book, and shifting Batgirl from the darker end of things to the world of hipsters in Gotham’s equivalent of Williamsburg while fighting a nefarious, uh, dating app startup seemed a little goofy. But Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr have earned a lot of goodwill, keeping the book light while not shying away from Batgirl’s difficult past.

Of course, that does mean she’s got all sorts of complications. Especially when a DC supervillain is reinvented…

If you’re wondering how Barbara’s encounter with the Velvet Tiger shakes out, check out Batgirl #44, on stands and available on digital this Wednesday.