Exclusive Preview: ‘Superboy’ Vol. 2

Life’s never easy when you’re a superhero. But, if you’re Superboy, you may find it harder than most, as this preview shows.
Particularly welcome in this book is the arrival of Tom DeFalco, best known for his work on Spider-Man, but a guy who knows his way around superhero books and then some. While the plots are conceived by Scott Lobdell, it’s DeFalco who handles the nitty-gritty, and long-time fans will note his voice comes through clearly.
Superboy, of course, has a long history at DC, although the modern version of the character has only been around since 1994. A nice touch to the book is that while he’s in Superman’s shadow, to some degree, he can largely stand on his own two feet as a character.
Or be knocked off them repeatedly, as we’ll see. Available next week in comic shops, here’s the opening of Superboy’s latest volume.