Exclusive Preview: ‘The Phantom Stranger’ #8

The last issue of The Phantom Stranger introduced The Question back into the New 52 with a bang: Namely, by having him get one of Stranger’s friends stab him through the chest, and with the Spear of Destiny, no less. But needless to say, the jig’s not quite up yet for the Stranger.
Phantom Stranger actually has an interesting premise: His job is to go through human history, find people and, essentially, betray them. Anybody who winds up under the “guidance” of the Stranger tends to wind up dead… or a lot worse. This ties into the fact that the book has given us the closest thing to an actual origin: The Stranger is Judas, being punished for his crimes to walk the Earth until he pays off his debt.
In other words, he has to betray thirty people. And in the interim, he struggles to maintain a normal life, with children and a spouse. Needless to say, being cursed by God and all, that’s not easy.
Of course, as we’ll see on the next few pages, he has more pressing concerns…

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