Existential Cat, Confusing Juxtapositions, And Links

“Yet another trilogy that makes NO sense whatsoever” — Reddit

Update your calendar: Tommy Davidson Live Q & A Tomorrow Morning 8:30/11:30 am |Film Drunk|

Behind The Eyewriter, A Life-Changing Eyetracking System Designed For Sufferers Of ALS & Paralysis |UPROXX|

Louis C.K. Went On ‘The Tonight Show’ And Made Fun Of Jay Leno’s Big Dumb Face |Warming Glow|

Louis C.K. Announces New Tour, Screws Ticketmaster & Scalpers By Selling Tickets Himself |UPROXX|

First Look: The “Black Dynamite” Animated Series Trailer |Smoking Section|

‘The Many Talents of Kate Upton’ Is Terry Richardson’s Masterwork |With Leather|

The ‘Community’ Art Show Is Finally Here, And It’s Streets Ahead |UPROXX|

Michael Shannon And 10 Other TV Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were In Bands. Wait, is Michael Shannon holding a picture of NPH on a unicorn? And is he about to rip it in half and say, “Fight the real enemy”? |UPROXX|

Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: A Thousand Words About The Artist We Call C-Tates |Film Drunk|

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 6/25/12 |With Leather|

Nickelodeon Buried a Time Capsule in 1992 — Here’s What’s Inside |Warming Glow|

Jay-Z Vs. The Beatles Mashup |High Definite|

Bill Clinton Crashes Weddings Now |Brobible|

10 Best Television Speeches of the 21st Century |Pajiba|

Jim Norton’s Harsh Words For Al Sharpton |HuffPost Comedy|

Vincent Van Dominogh’s Starry Night: Falling Skies |Technabob|

Dad agrees to accompany his daughter on a carnival ride, immediately regrets his decision |GorillaMask|

How movie theaters SHOULD be laid out. Mountain Dew/popcorn sludge seems strangely appetizing |Fark|

VIDEO: Remember Henri the Existential Cat? Now he stares into the abyss during a trip to the vet. |via DP&F|

[Inset picture via FlyingScotsman.]