As Expected, The Internet Had A Field Day With The Debut Of The New Orleans Pelicans Mascot

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10.31.13 31 Comments

When it was announced last year that the New Orleans Hornets would be changing their name, logo and mascot to the New Orleans Pelicans, the general reaction of NBA fans and us cynical bastards on the Internet was skeptical, to put it very nicely. However, for people who know the relationship between the city of New Orleans and the pelican, it’s a pretty cool and logical choice. But then New Orleans fans were introduced to Pierre the Pelican last night, and logic once again took a backseat to skepticism.

As soon as the Pelicans Tweeted the above picture of Pierre, too many people were quick to point out that he doesn’t exactly look like any pelican we’ve ever seen before. Beyond that, many other people pointed out the much simpler fact – that’s one terrifying, dream-haunting mascot you’ve got there, New Orleans. Naturally, a lot of people, myself included, started firing up the Photoshop, and the results were fun enough to make us forget that the Pelicans ended up losing an exciting game to the Indiana Pacers, 95-90.

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