This Woman’s Explicit Obituary Isn’t Fooling Around With All Your Fancy Numbers

obituary in newspaper

Dorothy A. Scorbola, or Stella, as she was known, was a phenomenal woman. By the time she died at 85, she’d spent her life committed to her children and grandchildren, of whom she has so many that it would be obscene to print the number.

Take a look at her death notice, via, and see if you spot anything off:

Dorothy A. “Stella” Scrobola was called home to our Lord on Friday, April 24, 2015…

She is survived by her children, Charles J. and his wife, Lisa, James and his wife, Joyce, Michael and his wife, Carol, Bridget, Joseph and his wife, Sheryl; a shitload of grandchildren; and one big great-grandson.

Spot anything? How about that number of grandchildren? Exactly how many is a s**tload and why is the word even in there? I’d like to think that it’s because Stella was a spunky grandma, but it might be because with that many kids surviving her and words being charged by letter, it just seemed more economical to put all the grandkids into a group. And plus, it’ll be a fun memory when they’re older.

According to Death and Taxes, most people on Stella’s guestbook proved what a beloved community figure she was. At least one person, however, was confused by the obit, wondering “how many grandchildren was that again?” A sh*tload.

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