Explore Gotham City’s Bizarre Underground Societies In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Batwing’ #30

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03.28.14 4 Comments
Luke Fox, aka Batwing, is on a mission of revenge. A man he trusted has destroyed his sister’s mind and abducted another member of his family. But to save his sister, and get even with his former friend, Batwing’s going to need to get through Gotham’s weird underground world.

Batwing, the comic, is a fairly interesting take on Batman and Batman Incorporated by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. As they told us in an interview, they want to make Batwing a unique character, a globe-trotting vigilante.

But all Batmen must eventually come to Gotham, and Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, is no different. To say the book has taken an unusual turn is something of an understatement; check out the opening for yourself and see if you agree…

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