Explore Kyrat’s Lowlands In ‘Far Cry 4’s Latest Trailer

Far Cry 4 has already sold us on buying the game with just one GIF. So we guess we should look into just what we’ve paid $60 for, and, so far, it looks, well, exactly like what you want out of this game.

First of all, you’ll meet Paul Depleur, the head of the army in Kyrat. Which, as you may have guessed from the flamboyantly violent ruler, is not a position held by somebody with a level head. Also, boy, does this game like torturing that one older individual we saw in the cinematic or what? So far he’s been beaten up, abducted, stabbed through the freakin’ hand, and now he’s being electrocuted. What did he do? Apply for Social Security too early?

Anyway, the trailer includes such family-friendly shenanigans as impaling suckers with the bow, which appears to have made a comeback despite the auto-crossbow, and dousing gasoline tankers with a flamethrower until they explode. It’s nice to know you’ll have something to keep you occupied November 18th.