From Two Vaginas To Three Boobs: These 10 People Have Extra Body Parts

Throughout much of 2014, the world (OK, just a few sites on the internet) was captivated by the Florida woman with three boobs. Was it real? Was it a hoax? Was she inspired by Total Recall? The answer is… maybe? Jasmine Tridevil owns a “3 breast prosthesis,” but she claims, “I know my tits are real, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.” That is the most Florida sentence.

It better be real; otherwise, Tridevil (please don’t forget that she has a “dog-cage sex fetish”) is a poor spokesperson for the extra-body-part community. There’s the woman with two vaginas, the man with two penises (who goes by Diphallic Dude), and the 87-year-old with a horn on her forehead. These are real people with real medical deformities, none of which were featured in 1990 sci-fi movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unless I missed the scene where Michael Ironside explains he has three legs and a pair of hearts?

The latest MindGeek video, as seen above, highlights “10 Extraordinary People With Extra Body Parts,” or perhaps more accurately, “Nine People Extraordinary with Extra Body Parents and One Florida Woman with a Fake Boob Who Also Has a Dog Cage Sex Fetish.” I told you not to forget.