A Book Of Erotic James Franco Fiction? So Good.

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Social Malpractice Publishing and Container Corps Art Press in Portland, Oregon, have created a Kickstarter campaign to publish a collection of erotic fiction about James Franco. How did they find my diary?

The title of the book is F*cking James Franco, which seems a bit on the dicknose. We’ll let editor Sean Joseph Patrick Carney describe it:

F-CKING JAMES FRANCO is a collection of erotic fiction that describes hypothetical sexual encounters with the greatest American actor, writer, and visual artist of all time. […] The group of contributors features visual artists, writers, musicians, and more – all exploring their most explicit sexual fantasies with Mr. Franco. You know who’s going to f-cking love this book? F-CKING JAMES FRANCO. [Kickstarter (via)]

The Kickstarter also has an apt number of donors as of this writing:


Anyway, they’ve got eight more days to raise the final $718 needed to bring us this completely necessary first tome (fingers crossed) about a fictionalized James Franco. We think the real Franco might like the idea. After all, he’s expressed an appreciation for porn. We imagine his reaction to the news may even go like this:

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