Facebook Removed A Meme About The Stanford Rapist And People Nearly Lost It

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06.07.16 6 Comments

Over the past week the internet has spun into a whirl of outrage, shock, and think pieces the kinds of which is usually only seen every few months or so. After the lenient sentencing of Brock Turner, a former Stanford University swimmer now convicted of a horrific rape on campus, his victim read a long and emotionally resonant letter out loud in court. In the aftermath, the case gained a larger platform on social media and in mainstream journalism. Letters from Brock’s father as well as another reference that both used questionable (at best) phrasing and some curiously chosen details to attest to Brock’s character spurred another round of disgust about the entire ordeal. No matter your opinion about the case or the aftermath of the sentencing, there is a strong chance you have spent at least part of the past few days hashing things out with friends or family that occupy the opposite point of view.

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